Help for Ukraine

We’ll be helping rebuild

Update on 16th March – there has been a request for equipment to help with preserving heritage. Film & document scanners and related photographic equipment is welcomed.

Update in week of 14th March – there does appear to be a full relaxation of post-Brexit customs heft for Ukraine convoys. Please get in touch if you would like any more information on this.

Quick notes for old volunteers re-activating: be sure to have BOTH 1948 and 1967 IDPs and also “UK” plates (not “GB”) on the vehicle. and trailer.

We are currently supporting volunteers with information on delivering support for displaced people at the border region. There are a lot of grass-roots projects.

This will be followed by reconstruction aid into Ukraine itself as soon as it is practical to do so without risking becoming a liability.

We may also be able to connect you with people seeking housing. As you know this is a rapidly developing situation.

So right now we’re connecting volunteers, fundraising, & sourcing supplies

We certainly welcome drivers volunteering but please understand what is most helpful is you and your vehicle.

Fundraising is critical. Delivering a vehicle full of aid costs several hundred pounds. Buying and donating ambulances costs several thousand. You can help by donating, or by running a fundraiser. Please ask us about how to do that!

In terms of materials, right away the displaced people will benefit from things like sleeping bags, tents, warm clothing. Later we need to think about the kinds of things that will have been targetted and completely destroyed. Again, please contact us to discuss — we’re especially glad to talk to businesses who can supply things like fuel and sanitation infrastructure, and also things like UHF and airband radios.