Help for Ukraine and for Gaza

We’ll be helping rebuild

At present there is an enormous amount of enthusiasm for taking convoys to these crisis-hit places. However, in both cases, convoys are not always the best way to help. For example, only a handful of aid deliveries are crossing into Gaza and many projects will be stuck in Egypt for unknown lengths of time.

We are available to anyone interested in hearing about actual on-the-ground needs, direct from our contacts in those countries. We will also be happy to advise about the ways you actually can help right now.

Our particular targets at the moment are:

Ukraine: fundraising for future re-building projects. After the war, there will be many claims on the resources of the state, and we will aim to act in a complementary way, supporting the projects which have to be lower down that list; we anticipate working again with the youth groups and orphanages we have helped in the past.

Gaza: fundraising to support efforts such as the hospital ships proposed by Turkey and Malaysia, and also to obtain the resources being advised to us from specialists on the ground. We also encourage you to read about the various emergency requests for getting people out, in cases such as those who require specialist emergency medical attention. Scandalously, these extrications are reportedly costing individuals around $10,000 per person.