“Our Generation” growing up

This month we were thrilled to be invited to a wedding in Ukraine. The bride was Tonia, for a very long time the co-ordinator of the “Our Generation” youth group in Chernihiv, and one of the most selfless and enthusiastic community workers we’ve ever known.

Ukrainian wedding

It’s a real mark of how strong a bond was built up between our UK volunteers and the young people in Ukraine that two of us were invited to this very personal occasion in Crimea. That’s really why we’ve chosen to post this on Aid Convoy’s website — in order to show new volunteers another aspect of how much there is to be gained from working with us. It’s also of undeniable value to the young people in sometimes isolated communities, because we are sometimes the first outsiders they have known, and certainly give them extra confidence to make new connections with the world.

We wish the happy couple very, very well!