Builders surveying playground site

We’re extremely pleased that our builders have moved in and begun survey work on the site in Bathorë, Albania, where we will soon have a children’s playground in place.

We first learnt of the area in 2003, and at that time the pressing need was for a clean water supply, and safer electricity connections. As the large, squatted area has been “normalised” and brought into the consideration of the local authority in surrounding Kamez, the needs have moved on. Locals have asked us for some provision for children who are currently able to play only in the streets.

Bathore project siteThanks to the enthusiasm of a local community leader (pictured, at the site), we have secured a piece of land which – pending surveys and permissions – will soon become a children’s playground. We intend constructing simple play equipment for younger children, but also a skate park with considerable concrete structures, which should help to maintain the physical security and integrity of the site itself.