Delivery to Syria

Our friends from Together we Grow (in the West Yorkshire / Lancashire area) are organising a collection for a delivery to Syria in February 2018.

There’s still time to donate! They’re looking primarily for dried foods and also nappies.

Details here:

A quick clarification…

On Sunday 31st July, 2016, the British newspaper The Sunday Times printed a lengthy article about an organisation called Aid Convoy. Without going in to the details of that article, we would simply like to make it clear, and reassure all our friends and partners, that we are an entirely separate organisation.

We don’t have any information about the veracity of the content of the article and take no position on that. We can only explain that our name – known in many countries and in use for several years – was, around 2013, misappropriated by the organisation being discussed in the newspaper. They registered the name with the Charities Commission of England and Wales, though for various reasons we believe this should not have happened. Our complaint about this to the Commission has not yet been addressed, perhaps because it coincided with the beginning of a police and Charities Commission investigation into the organisation, which we understand was still unresolved as late as 2020 (and may yet be).