A donation

During our campaign to collect funds and aid for the second convoy to Gaza, one of the people working in Brighton to raise awareness, Naomi Foyle, a poet, contributed this:

Donate your status.
Donate your despair.
Donate your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your husband, your wife.
Donate your children.
Donate a hospital.
Donate one thousand three hundred and thirteen candles.
Donate a match.
Match a donation.
Donate the fine line between you and your neighbour.
Donate a bucket of soil.
Donate a packet of seeds.
Donate a new pair of shoes.
Donate a truckload of doughnuts.
Donate a moment of doubt.
Donate your most sophisticated haircut.
Donate a crate of sophistry-detectors.
Donate your online research and personal development.
Donate what’s keeping you here.
Donate your will to survive.
Do not do nothing.
Donate your body temperature.
Donate your kidney.
Donate your library.
Donate your deepest desire.
Do not fear ridicule, rage, isolation.
Donate a kilo of rice.
Donate a tenner.
Donate a round table.
Donate the freedom you’d forgotten you had.
Donate your shopping list — your love of avocados, Sharon fruit and dates.
Donate the sweater your grandmother made you.
Donate a winter of warm, sleepless nights.
Donate a new notion of “nation”.
Donate a persistent belief that, despite all evidence to the contrary,
everyone, everywhere, is extraordinary.
Donate an hour of your day
to stand up and demonstrate
peace is a process of learning to listen,
and giving is not “giving in”.

Naomi Foyle
copyleft – pass it on