Gaza City, men on rubble of their home, tents in backgroundAid Convoy has always focussed on providing support – both immediate and longer-term – to the victims of conflict and crisis, without burning any bridges or closing any doors by allowing ourselves to become embroiled in partisan politics in the areas where we work. With Gaza, this has been an enormous challenge. We seek to provide ways in which our donors can help the victims of the situation, secure in the knowledge that we take no political stance, beyond making it plain whenever we can that there is a man-made humanitarian crisis which needs urgent attention — from all those involved.

In 2009 we were asked to provide part of the Viva Palestina convoys of over 200 ambulances & medical supply trucks to Gaza, Palestine. Consulting on humanitarian and logistical aspects of the convoys, we led award-winning teams from around the world on two occasions, in February (through Morocco, Algeria, Libya, and Egypt) and November (through Turkey and Syria).

By 2010, we felt we had gone as far as we could with that organisation, which had developed an increasingly political position, so we then assisted the Road to Hope convoy, a politically-independent project which grew from us and other former Viva Palestina volunteers, determined to make a truly (and solely) humanitarian mission to deliver medical supplies to Gaza.

During these projects, we made friends and gained important insights into the developing situation in Libya. We now stand well-placed to assist in the rebuilding of that country after the current conflict.

Further information

  • Our news archive has write-ups of the firstsecond, and third Gaza convoys.
  • More photographs from our work in Gaza are available in this gallery on flickr.

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