About Aid Convoy

Aid Convoy delivers humanitarian aid, and supports the victims of conflict and disaster in rebuilding their communities.

We also offer consultancy to new projects that emerge in relation to crises such as in Ukraine and Gaza, via the Humanitarian Aid Volunteers’ Network.

We are a voluntary charitable organisation with no political or religious affiliation. What makes us extra-special is that we are ruthlessly efficient with our donors’ money, and we aim to provide unmatched feedback, letting donors know exactly how their funds have been spent. We don’t maintain any glitzy offices and our workers receive neither wages nor personal expenses.

All the funds we raise are spent directly on the transportation of our volunteers and aid (the latter being mostly donated to us also), and sometimes we fund locally-run projects in our target countries, helping get people back into work and building a sense of community. Examples include building toilets at a school, or paying rent for a youth group’s premises. Occasionally we will also purchase extraordinary items we consider essential for the projects we are helping, once we are sure they cannot be sourced as a free donation.

Kids in BathorëWe run aid-delivery “convoys” because of the tremendous effect they have on morale; a fleet of trucks arriving at an orphanage has the same effect as the circus coming to town! However, we are increasingly spending time and money on more long-term “developmental” projects, working with the friends we have met on convoy. This highlights a further advantage of the convoy model — we are “in country” often enough and for long enough to build trust, and establish reliable relationships. Sticking with a limited number of countries and projects also helps us overcome issues of corruption and bureaucracy, by learning about the pitfalls of each case.

Please use the links in the black horizontal menu bar, above, to find out more about each of the countries in which we work, or about how to get involved and support us.

You can also look back through our activities year-by-year using our archive — choose “News” from the menu bar above, and you’ll find the full list of articles by date on the left-hand side of that page. We’ve also highlighted key stories from the archive in the pages about individual countries with links like this one: the story begins in February 1999.

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