Our identity copied?

A brief note to try to avoid any confusion: Aid Convoy is the humanitarian aid and community development organisation that has been operating in many crisis-hit countries since 1999.

Another charity, which to the best of our knowledge began operating in 2012, to Syria, has renamed itself from “Aid Convoy 2 Syria” to just “Aid Convoy”. You may find that site when attempting to find us via search engines.

We are accessible online through aidconvoy.net and (to help people who may have mis-typed) also through aidconvoy.com, .org., .co.uk, and .org.uk! But never with a hyphen; using “aid-convoy” would get you to the other organisation.

The other charity are not connected with Aid Convoy. Whilst we have no reason to believe they are deliberately passing themselves off as us, we urge our donors and volunteers to be wary in case of confusion. We are pursuing the matter with the Charity Commission — this is a slow process!


Aid Convoy delivers humanitarian aid, and supports the victims of conflict and disaster in rebuilding their communities.

We hope you will like the new Aid Convoy website. This blog-style news feed will keep you up to date with our activities, and we hope the rest of the layout will make it easy for you to find out more. You may want to start with our page about Aid Convoy itself.

For an overview of our work in various regions, and the latest news from each, please see the links to each region in the horizontal black menu bar above this text. There is also a section on how to get involved and support our work.

All stories (even about events which pre-date the creation of this site — including our old printed newsletters) are available in the archive, which can be accessed using the list of dates on the left of most pages (or the bottom, if you’re viewing this on a small-screened mobile device). We hope this will help anyone interested in looking back and following the progress of projects over time.